UK Tour and fall 2016

So the summer is winding down, the tour is over and back to the salt mines I'v returned. It was a long advenutre from Glastonbury to Glasgow with 6 weeks of shows inbetween. Some nights we played to two hundred and others we played to three. It was unpredictable from the get-go but making-by was made.

Sitting in our attic apartment, all the fans running all the windows open, Im excited for Fall to come. A few shows will be posted in the coming days thru September and October with new songs to show-case. along the way.

Keep an eye out and an ear down, ill be coming out soon.


- August 25th, Poughkeepsie -

                                                                                     So spring is now with us.

I'm excited to announce that tour dates for the UK in July 2016 will be posted soon. For that Ill be headlining my own shows and joining others on their routes throughout the great isles.

Until then check the shows coming up this month, the calendar does seem to be filling up.  L


the video is here!

Almost Human - video project

October 1st 2015

A couple of months ago I got an email from Amsterdam, a group of film makers wanted to shoot a short film for the song After The Thaw. I'm really excited to see the results from what I have read it looks fantastic. Here is a link to the description.

Finally we join the online community. To everybody who has helped steer this ship so far, thank you.

More sounds to come soon - LO